We strive to make New Resource Bank a Best Place to Work for our employees.

Photo courtesy of Tony Siciliano

We have four core values at New Resource Bank: sustainability, community, transparency and teamwork. Our governance structure and dedication to being a best place to work is designed to foster these values and encourage an atmosphere where our employees can thrive. Following are key data on employee engagement and governance, including diversity, employee satisfaction and compensation policies.


The bank scored a 12 out of a possible 15 in the Governance category of its B Lab Impact Assessment for B Corps certification—well above the median score of 6. The Governance score reflects our high standards of accountability as well as social and environmental performance. We are also proud to be a “Best for the World” company, scoring in the top 10 percent of all B Corps globally, for the fifth consecutive year. For more information, see the section “Why We Exist.”

Sustainability Engagement Program

In 2016 we continued our Sustainability Engagement Program, designed to increase employees’ commitment to sustainability. The program enables employees to earn points for participating in various sustainability-themed initiatives. These points, in turn, are tied to annual performance reviews. Activities range from attending lunch n’ learns and community volunteering, to viewing a monthly documentary, watching a webinar, attending a course or reading a book on sustainability-related themes. Employees earning 20 sustainability points earn 5 out of 5 on the 10 percent portion of their performance review linked to sustainability; an additional 10 percent of their performance review is tied to employees’ commitment to our core values. On average, employees exceeded the maximum score needed, earning 29 points in 2016.

Additionally, all employees choose a personal Sustainability Challenge. Some of the personal Sustainability Challenges employees chose included installing solar panels on a nonprofit, growing a garden, becoming vegan, and reusing and remaking old clothes to reduce shopping. The 2016 Challenge winner, voted on by all employees, was Gabriela Selli. She raised chickens at her home with her kids! At the end of the year, each employee presented their challenge and results to the rest of the staff.

Best Place to Work

The internal “Best Places to Work” Committee is comprised of representatives from various departments and aims to make New Resource Bank a great place to work. It provides a forum for employees to come together and discuss issues that matter to them. The committee’s activities include employee recognition, enhancements to the benefits program, quarterly team-building exercises, and an annual volunteer event. Last year New Resource Bank employees enjoyed volunteering at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

Employee Satisfaction and Benefits

Taking care of our employees and encouraging a healthy work-life balance are integral to our goal of promoting sustainable living. We support our employees in the following ways:

  • Healthcare with dental and vision coverage for employees and family (including recognition of domestic partnerships, civil unions, and same-sex marriages)
  • 401k matching contribution
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Three to five weeks’ vacation
  • One paid day off per year to volunteer
  • Transportation benefit
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Bottomless cups of organic coffee and tea as well as healthy office snacks

Our employee opinion survey in 2015 indicated that we ranked lower-than-anticipated in overall employee satisfaction with our benefits. As a result, we added a few new benefits:

  • Flexible schedules: employees may arrive between 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., though most arrive at 8:30 a.m.
  • Sabbatical Policy: employees who have been with the bank for seven years are entitled to a paid, one-month sabbatical.
  • The Well-Being Fund: all employees are entitled to $250 to pursue initiatives that bring them well-being, such as a yoga class, a bike, a meditation class, gym membership, a massage, or anything else.

New Resource Team at Bay Keeper Event

Salary Distribution

All employees earn wages more than 25 percent above the poverty level and our bonus structure recognizes all employees annually. Our salary distribution for full-time employees reflected an equitable distribution that did not exceed a multiple of 6.5x from lowest to highest paid employee, resulting in compensation that is above market rate for banks of our size.


Our staff diversity includes 52 percent female employees and 48 percent employees of color. Women are a majority of board members at 63 percent.  While we are proud of the diversity we have within the company, we are committed to continuing to increase diversity at all levels.

*Management includes the Leadership and Executive teams.

**Based on US Census Population Estimates for San Francisco County as of July 1, 2014

Leadership and Career Development

Leadership and career development opportunities are also important for establishing an engaged and happy workplace. Many of our employees receive advanced, skill-based job training and participate in cross-functional training for career advancement.


We have made our interview process more standardized and rigorous in order to ensure we are hiring people who are not only well qualified, but also a strong mission fit. This ensures we are attracting employees who are passionate about our values. Every candidate for a job at the bank has a mission and cultural fit interview, where we assess their values alignment.


Executive Team Members

Vincent Siciliano – President and CEO

Kay Adler – Executive Vice President, Chief Operations & Strategy Officer

Gary Groff – Senior Vice President, Director of Business Development

Robert Holden – Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

Stephanie Meade – Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing and Culture

Bill Peterson – Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer

Steve Rossi – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Gabriela Selli – Senior Vice President, Operations & Banking Services Manager


Leadership Team Members

Matt Beiler –Vice President, Underwriting Manager

Nick Healey –Vice President, Loan Administrator Manager

Aman Johal – Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager

Dhimanshu Joshi – Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Priscilla Njuguna – Vice President, Compliance Manager

Marsela Pecanac – Senior Vice President, Director of Deposit Management & Strategy

Adam Struve – Vice President, Controller

Skyler Webster – Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager


Board of Directors

Mark A. Finser – Chairman of the Board

Martha L. Daetwyler – Director

Mary Ann J. Fake – Director

Penelope Douglas – Director

Esther Park – Director

Scott Reising – Director

Julia Sze – Director

Vincent Siciliano – President and CEO